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@RICHARDMIXINN Yeah. I’m gonna set it up tonight but I know my kids are gonna dominate the usage of it
Posted at 12:29PM on August 23rd, 2019
about evil one

It’s difficult to succinctly sum up DJ Evil One. He has toured North America and Europe over the course of the last decade. He has played for celebrities and also accomplished musical artists. He co-founded The Music Trust, which helps numerous venues and brands with their music direction. He is the current owner of Portland nightlife hot spots Tube and Fortune, with more on the way.

Set all that aside, and what got him in to nightlife and the music industry was his passion for music. What continues to drive him is the ability to create a response from the crowd. Genres and styles rise and fall in popularity, but the result of a well played set remains the same.

In the future, Evil One plans to continue opening and operating nightlife hot spots, programing music for a variety of clients through The Music Trust and with client ChefStable Group, and continue rocking the party wherever it may be.