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I would trade Lamarcus Aldridge to the Lakers for Tiger Woods winning 5 more majors.
Posted at 12:02AM on July 3rd, 2015
about evil one

DJ Evil One was born to two loving parents in Portland, OR just long ago enough to be a well trained, technically sound DJ, but not so long as to be over the hill. Evil spent his formative years living in a series of caves, being trained in the survival skills of both wolves and bears.

After nearly a decade in the wilderness, Evil wandered back into society and discovered a love of what is now referred to as "classic hip-hop." The prominence of the DJ in the culture lured a young Evil towards getting two turntables, a mixer and an arsenal of vinyl.

Fast forward a decade, and you have a DJ who lives life at warp speed. He's spent the last five years living out of a suitcase, trotting the globe to deliver a relentless sense of party rocking. He's ripped more V-necks off like a caveman than you likely own.

His accomplishments include a European Tour, spinning an NBA All-Star weekend event for league MVP Derrick Rose, a new single entitled "Black Friday" with producer extraordinaire DJ White Shadow, residencies in a variety of major cities & performing as the tour DJ for upcoming pop sensation Anjulie.

Evil doesn't like the talk about the past though, he's 1,000,000% focused on what's next.

As the co-founder of The Music Trust, Evil has created a coalition of some of the best DJs in the world. The future has never looked brighter.