No Words.

Shout out to my homie Hellen for putting me on game. This is going into the prime time crate.

Wild For The Union.

My man George at Union put me up on this song a few months ago. The video gets the ill treatment. Peep:

Too Much Tuna!

A-Trak is one of those DJs that I’ve always looked up to. He’s not afraid to do things differently and is an all around beast. As you can see here, he hasn’t lost a step.


this really touched me. as a young kid growing up on hip-hop and that love for hip-hop making me want to become a DJ, this is something that really stands out.

Song of 2012.

By far my favorite rap record of 2012. The heavyweights align for this gem.

Bye, Baby!

Shout out to Nas for being so incredibly honest on this one.