Royal. Every Second Saturday. PDX.


I’ve lived in LA for the past 3 years, but Portland will always be home in my heart. Really excited to kick off this new monthly residency at Crown Room.

Glad to be joined by Nick Dean. You’ll be hearing a lot from him in the future.

Kodiak Ziller


This game out on 5/2/2012.

You can download it for free, here.

The New Roof!

Really excited to be an exclusive resident with Roof at The Wit in Chicago…this remodel is going to be next level!!!!

This Happened…

Yes. You see this correctly. That is my homie Zach crowd surfing in a raft while making it rain. Total bedlam. Iowa City knows how to PARTY!

HallGLOWeen in Chicago!!!!!

DJ Scene is one of my favorite DJ’s. It’s an honor to be sharing the weekend billing at one of the premier spots in the country.