Who Is DJ Cheapshot?


A DJ that I’ve always looked up to and that has been continually inspiring is DJ Cheapshot. Named Colton Fisher by his beautiful parents, this guy has done it all in the music world. He’s produced for platinum recording artists, toured the globe, placed his music in video games, television shows and commercials and done it all with an endearing self depricating demeanor. I fired off a few questions, he fired off a few answers. Enjoy.



DJs, you ain’t got no Talk Talk in your Serato?

Party of The Year.

NBC Chicago called my Halloween gig in Chicago “Party Of The Year.” Peep for the full scoop!


Ah, good times in Vegas with the crew! Shout outs to Dave Fogg and DJ Direct. You guys are DANGEROUS!

October Recap!

Recap: October.

That was quite a month. Where to begin? Well how about how it started? Why in San Diego, of course. On the low, La Puerta in San Diego has been showcasing some of the best DJs in Southern California for a minute. Co-Owner Merritte Powell sets one ground rule, No Top 40. I can dig it. Their food is top notch and the selection of tequilas gives me a hangover just thinking about it.



I’ve never fired a gun, but when I hear this song, I’m bucking a 9 into the ceiling in my mind.