Closing down your sector.

I’ve burned through so many copies of this one on wax. Still makes me punch something.

The Glide.

Growing up in Portland during the Rip City era was amazing. One of the greatest memories was sitting court side in the ’92 NBA Finals vs. the Bulls next to David Stern. Here is a montage from one of the greatest to ever wear the Crimson and Black, Clyde the Glide. I’ll be hitting a lot of Blazer games on the road this year, so it’s only fitting to kick that portion off with this gem.

Video Master.

When it comes to video DJing, few do it better than the Screenwerks crew. Jay-E in STL just put out the illmatic Halloween video mix. Peep.

Poisoned Candy from Jay E on Vimeo.

New Jack Swing Night.

My comrades Adam 12 & The Capts will be getting their New Jack Swing on at AFEX this week (you should go). It made me think of this gem.

What I’m After.

A great record from a slept on golden era act.

Black and Yellow!!!

This record is already big, but it’s about to be huge. Play this.